How many clients do you have
* client - an entry in the database with contacts for one or several communication channels
Price per month
If you have from
1 to 200


Clients count
from 1 to 200
  • Data storage and processing
  • Unlimited emails every month
  • Messages on social media
  • Web push Messages
  • Professional tools for segmentation and analytics
  • Drag-and-drop editor for emails, notifications and forms
  • Automations: triggers, product recommendations, personal send time
Clients count Price per month
1 - 200Free
201 - 1 000550 ₽440 ₽
1 001 - 2 5001 300 ₽1 040 ₽
2 501 - 5 0002 000 ₽1 600 ₽
5 001 - 7 5002 700 ₽2 160 ₽
7 501 - 10 0003 300 ₽2 640 ₽
10 001 - 20 0004 770 ₽3 816 ₽
20 001 - 30 0006 500 ₽5 200 ₽
30 001 - 50 00010 300 ₽8 240 ₽
50 001 - 60 00011 240 ₽8 992 ₽
60 001 - 80 00013 750 ₽11 000 ₽
80 001 - 100 00015 600 ₽12 480 ₽
more 100 000From 24 700 ₽From 19 760 ₽
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All prices exclude VAT. VAT will be calculated separately based on the rate that is required by the law.

Additional services

Our team is ready to help automate your marketing process and configure all the platform features for you

Dedicated IP addressMonthlyon demand
DKIM/SPF setup1 dayon demand
Coding adaptive HTML-template3 dayson demand
Personal account manager10 hours22 000

Platform features

More than 100 solutions for multi-channel communication with customers

Personalization and segmentation

Personalization and segmentation

  • Personalization: name, last purchase date, bonus points, total purchase amount
  • Segmentation based on subscriber activity and subscriber data
  • Customizable fields
  • Mix of conditions: geographical, social, behavioral, system data
  • Bulk editing subscriber data
  • Bulk editing subscriber data
  • View unsubscribed contacts
  • Different formats of subscriber data storage: date, lists, text
  • Subscriber activity reports by email or http
Content and coding

Content and coding

  • Drag-and drop editor
  • Adaptive email design
  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • HTML editor and templates
  • Drafts
  • Template ZIP file upload
  • Unlimited storage capacity
  • Email campaign archive
  • Unique attachments: tickets, postcards, bank statements, customer loyalty reports
  • Personal dynamic content for different customer groups
  • Configure content sections’ visibility for different segments
  • Customizable signup forms and polls
  • User redirect from signup forms to any websites


  • 20 million emails sent every hour
  • Deliverability 99,9%
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Web push notifications
  • Clearing the database of invalid and inactive contacts
  • Contact database validation and verification
  • Behavioral targeting
  • А/B testing: headlines, content, send time
  • Test emails
  • Send time optimization according to subscriber activity
  • Scheduled campaigns based on subscribers’ time zones
  • Resending a campaign to non opens in one click
  • Express campaigns to subscribers, whose data has not been imported to Sendsay


  • Automatic channel selection: email, SMS, social media, messengers
  • Trigger campaigns: welcome series, brows and cart abandonment, reactivation series
  • Pre-set triggers: changes in a subscriber's data, time passed, add to list, change data
  • Transactional emails: order confirmation, product and delivery updates
  • Content integration from external sources (like websites, blog, online stores and RSS feeds)
  • Featured product emails: popular products, new arrivals and special offers
  • Generate unique promo codes and barcodes
  • Scheduled data import
  • Scheduled campaigns
Statistics and analytics

Statistics and analytics

  • Campaign reports: delivery, opens, bounces, spam complaints
  • Email subscriber metrics: buyer persona and activity data
  • Email performance over specific time
  • Landing page conversion tracking
  • Segmentation analysis
  • Conversion rate: orders, calls, purchases, transactions, revenue over time
  • Email performance by device and operating system
  • Campaign influence reporting
  • Email bounce rate with detailed descriptions of every bounce
  • Click map
  • Data visualization (charts and interactive diagrams)
  • Exporting reports (download or sending to the email address)


  • Certificate of compliance with No. 152-FZ
  • Manage levels of access for users: to contacts, campaigns and reports
  • History of account changes: activity, date, user IP address
  • Database encryption
  • Biometric authentication: AGSES card
  • Email deliverability analysis for avoiding spam filters
  • Email domain authentication: DKIM, SPF, MAILFROM, FBL
  • Dedicated IP addresses


  • Full featured API
  • VK, Facebook, Twitter: share and social follow content blocks
  • Web Analytics: Google Analytics, Я.Метрика
  • CRM: amoCRM, Bitrix24, Microsoft Dynamic CRM
  • CMS: LPgenerator
  • SaaS: МойСклад, Flocktory, Manzana, LeadHit, SAP, Siebel
  • Google Big Data, Google Big Query, Power BI
  • Event notification system: Callback, WebHook
Technical support

Technical support

  • Knowledge base
  • Phone support
  • Phone support
  • Chat support

Below we have prepared the list of questions we are commonly asked about so you could start working on our platform as soon as possible

  • Why should I trust you with my database?

    We guarantee maximum protection of your database according to the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ) or we can create a new Privacy Policy addendum to the Agreement.

  • How can I automate database import?

    You can export an email list as a .csv file and upload it to your FTP server. Contacts will be uploaded automatically after you give us the FTP link and set up the import frequency.

  • Can I create an responsive email in the drag-and-drop editor?

    You can create a beautiful email from scratch by adding content blocks. The email will look equally good on the screen of any size. 

  • How can I personalize my campaigns?

    You can personalize campaigns by adding subscriber data in the emails like name, purchase order, bonus points, promo code. To insert personalized content, simply put a data field code in the text of your email or configure content settings in the drag-and-drop editor.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    There are several options. LLC can transfer money from comapny bank account. Non-business customers can pay with a credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or transfer money from WebMoney, YooMoney or Qiwi Wallet.

  • Can I collect new subscribers with a signup form?

    Yes, you can embed a signup form in your online store, blog or landing page. There are four types of forms in Sendsay: pop-up, widget, bar and embedded form.